The Enclave Series from Kolink represents a new series of high-performance power supplies with 80 PLUS Gold certification. The premium quality components, advance design and powerful 12V single-rail ensure robust and reliable power delivery as well as precise voltage regulation. The premium quality power supply is rounded off by the welcome addition of fully modular cable management as well as a whisper-quiet 120 mm fan. 


The Kolink Enclave 80 PLUS Gold PSU Rates for 500 Watts at a Glance: 


500 Watt PSU with powerful 41A single rail 

High efficiency thanks to 80 PLUS Gold certification

Quiet 120 mm fan 

Fully modular cable management with flat cables 

Two 6-Pin PCIe connectors for graphics cards 

Five SATA- and four Molex connectors 



The Kolink Enclave 80 PLUS Gold PSU Rates at 500 Watts in Detail 

The advanced design and the use of high-quality components mean that Kolink has been able to produce an efficient and high-performance power supply in the form of the Enclave 80 PLUS Gold 500W. To this end, the manufacturer has opted for LLC transformers and DC-DC technology alongside independent voltage regulation. This combination also provides benefits to the unit’s operating efficiency as well as the precision with which voltages are regulated, particularly when it comes to asymmetric loads. 


As a result, the Enclave is capable of outputting nearly its entire rated power delivery through the +12 Volt rail if necessary. This can be up to 41A and means that all your high-performance components are kept well-supplied with all the power they need. The high operating effectiveness means that it meets the criteria for 80 PLUS Gold certification as well as an average efficiency of 92 percent when used on a European 230 Volt network. 


In terms of cooling, the units use a slow-spinning 120 mm fan with ultra-durable rifle bearings. Apart from the impressive performance specifications, the Kolink Enclave 500W isn’t short of connectivity options either: in addition to a 20+4-Pin ATX- and a 4+4-Pin 12V EPS connector, there are also two 6-Pin PCIe connectors available to supply graphics cards with power. Additional components are powered by means of five SATA- and four Molex connectors. 


Note: For environmental reasons, the manufacturer does not supply a wall outlet power cable with the unit. 


Technical details:

150 x 86 x 160 mm (W x H x D) 

120 mm (automatic regulation,rifle-bearing fan) 

Black (PSU, fan) 

min 90/87/87 percent at
50/20/100 percent load on European 230 Volt network.

Meets requirements for 80 PLUS Gold. 

Active PFC

Form factor:
ATX 12V V2.31 

500 W 

+3,3V: 16 A 

+5V: 16 A 

+3,3V and +5V combined: 100 W 

+12V: 492 W / 41 A 

-12V: 6 W / 0,5 A 

+5Vsb: 15 W / 3 A 

Connectors (removable)

1x 20+4-Pin ATX12V/EPS12V 

1x 4+4-Pin ATX12V/EPS12V 

2x 6-Pin PCIe 

5x SATA 

4x 4-Pin Molex 


OVP/UVP (protection against over- and undervoltage) 

SCP (short circuit) 

OPP (overload) 

OCP (over-current protection on +12, +3,3 and +5 Volt rails) 

Manufacturer’s guarantee:
3 Years