Meet the latest edition to join the ranks of our premium Rocket series: the Kolink Rocket Heavy Vented Mini-ITX Case. Taking the feedback from the original Rocket Heavy on board, we have improved airflow and heat dissipation by introducing stylish ventilation and cutaways in the aluminium framework. As a Mini-ITX chassis, this is a great case for fans of the small form factor who do not want to compromise on hardware. With plenty of support for gaming components, the Kolink Rocket Heavy Vented can pack a punch while retaining its small footprint.


The Features of Kolink Rocket Heavy Vented Mini-ITX Case at a Glance:

  • Latest model in Kolink’s premium Rocket Series
  • Updated version of the Kolink Rocket Heavy
  • Features new ventilation, aluminium side panels, and cut-outs
  • Improved airflow paired with impressive heat dissipation
  • Great support for gaming hardware
  • Primed for AiO water cooling
  • Included PCIe Riser Cable for vertical GPU mounting
  • Ample support for PWM fans and aRGB lighting strips

New and Improved

Showing that there is always room to improve, our new Kolink Rocket Heavy Vented Mini-ITX Case is a redesign of the popular Rocket Heavy model. We’ve taken on board all your comments and have improved the ventilation and airflow.


Instead of both side panels being tempered glass, the left-side panel has been replaced with a 3mm aluminium panel that features the same hexagonal cut-out design from the front panel. Not only does this look stylish, but it helps greatly improve airflow, especially around that all-important graphics card. The right remains as a 3mm tempered glass panel, affording you a full view of your high-end gaming hardware. What’s more, these panels are reversible, so you can set up the Rocket Heavy Vented just the way you want.

Overall, the design has been tweaked and improved across the chassis to support this boost in airflow and cooling performance. Temperature control of your gaming PC is easier to manage, thanks to the Rocket Heavy Vented’s upgrades. Plus, airflow can be further supported by the addition of two PWM 120 mm fans on the top panel.

No Compromises on Hardware

All this amazing airflow is to keep your gaming hardware at prime operating temperatures. As with the whole Rocket Series, the Rocket Heavy Vented has been curated to support all the necessary hardware for top-tier gaming. Naturally, the core of this build will be an ITX motherboard, but there are very few limitations beyond that. This case can accommodate graphics cards up to 340mm long, which covers most of the models currently on the market. What’s more, a 180 degrees PCIe Riser 3.0 cable, for vertical orientation, and Triple Slot GPU ready mount are included.

For connecting external hardware, the I/O Panel is fully equipped with a plethora of ports, including a USB3.2 Gen 2 Type-C. With four more additional USB ports and HD audio, your peripherals are well catered for. The I/O rests on the top panel of the Rocket Heavy Vented, along with the power button.

To power your Rocket Heavy Vented build, this chassis can host either an SFX or SFX-L PSU. Take advantage of higher wattage SFX-L power supplies to truly get the best out of this case and build style. Plus, for storage, there are two 2.5” SSD bays and a single 3.5” HDD bay to keep your options flexible.

Further Cooling

In addition to the exceptional, natural airflow, the Rocket Heavy Vented Mini-ITX Case has been primed for up to a 240mm AiO water cooling system. There is support for a CPU cooler of up to 85mm, but the layout and style of the case really lend themselves to the all-in-one water cooling. Installation is easy, for the bracket can be unscrewed and removed. Instead of fans on the top panel, you can install up to a 240mm radiator to support the integrated 120mm fan.

Small Form Factor

At just 350 mm x 180 mm x 265 mm, the Rocket Heavy Vented Mini-ITX Case has a small footprint, letting any space conscious enthusiast still make a high-powered gaming PC. Plus, with a net weight of just 3.67 kg, this case is highly portable, making it a great contender for a LAN computer.

Download specification

Download CE Doc



350 x 180 x 265 (L x W x H)

Net Weight: 3.67 kg


Front panel: 2mm aluminium

Left side panel: 3mm aluminium

Right side panel: 3mm tempered glass


Exterior: Gunmetal Grey, Interior: black

Motherboard Compatibility: ITX


2x 120 mm (Top)

1x 120 mm (Back)

Fans pre-installed:

1x 120 mm black PWM fan (Back)

Radiator mountings:

Up to 240 mm radiator (Top)

Drive Bays:

1 x 3.5” HDD, 2 x 2.5” SSD

I/O Panel:

1 x USB3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, HD Audio

PCIe Expansion Slots: 3

Power Supply (Optional):


Maximum GPU Length:

340mm, Triple Slot GPU ready, PCIe Riser Cable included for vertical mount

PCIe Riser 3.0 Cable:

180 degrees 150 mm

Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 85 mm

Maximum PSU Length:

SFX / SFX-L, 125 x 100 x 63.5 mm

Box Size (L x W x H):

405 x 240 x 305 mm