Umbra EX180 Black Edition - 120mm

The Kolink Umbra EX180 Black Edition is a high-performance single-tower CPU cooler. Equipped with four 6mm heatpipes and a powerful 120mm PWM fan, it is up to the task to deal with CPUs with up to 180W TDP. The mounting system and the slim design with high RAM compatibility allow for an easy installation.

The Kolink Umbra EX180 Black Edition Single-Tower CPU Cooler at a Glance:

  • High-performance single-tower cooler
  • With four 6mm copper heatpipes
  • Powerful 120mm PWM fan
  • Minimalistic all-black looks
  • Slim design with high RAM compatibility
  • For CPUs with up to 180W TDP


The Kolink Umbra EX180 Black Edition: High-Performance Single-Tower CPU Cooler

The Kolink Umbra EX180 Black Edition features four 6 mm copper heatpipes, which are embedded in the aluminium cooler base. What's more, the Kolink Umbra EX180 Black Edition comes with a powerful PWM fan. Thanks to its high static pressure and remarkable performance, the CPU cooler is capable of handling CPUs with a TDP of up to 180 watts.

Design and Lighting

All parts of the cooler have a matte black finish. The aluminium components of the cooler have undergone a black electrophoresis surface process. Both processes help avoid oxidation and corrosion, ensuring durability and an immaculate look.

 High Compatibility and Easy to Upgrade

The slim cooler design ensures high compatibility with RAM modules. This enables you to use any RAM module of your choice without being limited in size and shape.

Thanks to the versatile mounting system, the Kolink Umbra EX180 Black Edition is easy to install and guarantees high compatibility with AMD and Intel CPU sockets, including AMD AM5 and Intel 1700. The package contents include the high-end thermal paste with 12.8W(m-K) conductivity to achieve maximum cooling performance.


Technical details


130mm x 157mm x 75mm (W x H x D)

Weight: 500g

Materials: Aluminium (cooler base), copper (heatpipes), aluminium (fins, electrophoresis surface process)

Colour: Black

Heatpipes: 4x Ø 6mm

TDP: 180W


Type: 1x 120mm PWM

Measurements: 120 x 25 x 120mm (W x H x D)

Noise: max. 28.6dB(A)

Speed: 800 - 1,800rpm

Airflow: 125m³/h (73.6CFM)

Static pressure: 2.12mmH2O

Voltage range: 7 - 12V

Rated current: 0.38A

Input power: 4.5W

Fan connector: 4-pin PWM



Intel LGA 1700, 1200, 115x