Add some razzle dazzle to your gaming PC with the Kolink Umbra Radiant ARGB LED Strips. This combo lighting kit contains two 400mm ARGB strips with thirty-two addressable LEDs each, enabling you to illuminate your PC with your own unique rainbow. Included within this kit are twelve mounting brackets and 3M adhesive tabs, so you can expertly route this lighting through your PC case with ease. 


Kolink Umbra Radiant ARGB LED Strips at a Glance: 


  • Two 400mm long ARGB LED strips for your gaming PC 
  • Twelve mounting brackets included for ease of installation 
  • Features 32 vibrant ARGB LEDs in black casing per strip 
  • 5V 3-pin header for extensive compatibility 
  • Includes twelve 3M adhesive strips in scope of delivery 
  • Flexible and smooth bends 



Vibrant Lighting 


The Kolink Umbra Radiant ARGB LED Strips will add a vibrant splash of colour to your gaming PC. This combo kit contains two ARGB strips at 400mm long and each with 32 LEDs encased in a black housing. What’s more, these are addressable LEDs, meaning you can adjust the colour and effects to best suit your aesthetic. 


For extensive compatibility, the Kolink Umbra Radiant ARGB LED Strips connects via 5V 3-pin header in your motherboard or ARGB controller. There is 300mm of cable at either end of the strip, allowing for plenty of flexibility for installation. 


Kit Contents 


In addition to the ARGB strips, the Kolink Umbra Radiant comes with twelve mounting brackets to optimise routing. There are four 90° and four 180° brackets, as well as another four 180° flat mounts. You can utilise any combination of these brackets to craft a beautiful light show within your gaming PC. What’s more, the strip itself is very flexible, making it malleable and easy to configure. 


Lastly, the kit also contains twelve 3M double-sided adhesive tabs, so you can secure the ARGB strip in place with confidence and ease. 


Technical Details: 

Measurements: 400mm x 12mm x 6mm (L x W x H) 

LEDs: 32x ARGB per strip 

Voltage: 5 V 

Rated Current: 1,3 A 

Power: 6,5 W 

Connectors: 3-Pin (+5V, Digital, Ground, male, female) 

Scope of Delivery: 

2x Kolink Umbra Radiant ARGB LED Strips 

4x 90° Brackets 

4x 180° Brackets 

4x 180° Brackets, flat 

12x 3M Double-sided Adhesive Tabs