Kolink Classic Power 80 PLUS Bronze PSU - 700 Watt

Kolink Classic Power 80 PLUS Bronze PSU - 700 Watt

The Classic Power PSUs from Kolink boast an improved circuit design and an associated performance increase. These features offer a significant enhancement of voltage regulation and meet the needs of modern powerful computers. In addition, the extremely quiet 120mm fan, with a fined-tuned RPM curve, has been optimized for airflow. This makes the Classic Power the quietest power supply of its kind. The Classic Power PSUs looks amazing in any high-end gaming system due to its modern design and the flexible and flat cables use for connections across the system.

The Kolink Classic Power 700W power supply at a glance:


- 648W and 54A on a 12V rail

- 80 PLUS bronze certificate for high efficiency

- ATX form factor with a length of 160 mm

- Modern look with flat black cables

- Connectors: 1x 24-pin, 1x 4+4-pin, 2x 6+2-pin, 6x SATA & 2x Molex


Kolink Classic Power: Full performance and high efficiency

Kolink Classic 700 W offers a continuous rated power of 650 W with a max rated power output of 700 W. The 700 Watt model of the Classic Power series offered here has enough connections and performance for fast gaming computers with basic equipment. The PSU delivers up to 648W and 54A on the +12V rail while providing 110W and 15A each on the +3.3V and +5V rails. This especially high efficiency meets the requirements of 80 Plus Bronze 230V EU and exceeds 85/82/82 percent at 50/20/100 percent load (at 230 Volt input voltage). The PSU's highly efficient circuit design features independent DC-to-DC converters for the 3.3V and 5V outputs, ensuring extremely precise voltage regulation.


Each example of Classic-Power series is cooled by a 120 mm fan with durable and quiet sleeve bearings that offer a fine-tuned RPM curve. Thanks to the optimized airflow, the fan and thus the entire PSU remain quiet as a whisper. Besides the 20+4 pin for the motherboard, the Kolink Classic Power has a 4+4 pin connector for the CPU and four 6+2 pin connectors for dedicated graphics cards. Six SATA and two Molex connectors are available for additional components. The flat, flexible and completely black cables have a modern look and fit into almost any up-to-date gaming setup.

Note: For environmental reasons the manufacturer does not supply a power cord for connection to the mains.

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Technical details


150 x 86 x 160 mm (W x H x D)


120 mm (automatic control)


Black (power supply, fan)


at least 85/82/82 percent at 50/20/100 percent load.

80 PLUS Bronze certified.

Active PFC

Form factor:

ATX12V 2.4 / EPS12V 2.92

Power: 650 W (max. 700 W)

+ 3.3V: 15A

+ 5V: 15A

+ 3.3V and + 5V combined: 110 W

+ 12V: 648 W / 37 A

-12V: 3 W / 0.3 A

 + 5Vsb: 12.5W / 2.5A


Motherboard: 1x 20 + 4-pin ATX12V / EPS12V

CPU: 1x 4 + 4-pin ATX12V/EPS12V

4x 6+2-Pin PCIe

6x SATA & 2x Molex (500 + 100 + 100+ 100mm)

Protection Circuits:

OVP/UVP (Over- and undervoltage protection)

SCP (short circuit)

OPP (overload)

OCP (overcurrent on rails +12, +3,3 and +5 Volt)

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years