KL-F500 17.3" ARGB Laptop Cooler

KL-F500 17.3" ARGB Laptop/Notebook Cooler

Experience exceptional cooling performance with the Kolink KL-F500 ARGB Notebook Cooler. Tailored for 17.3” gaming laptops and notebooks, this cooler offers stable stand functionality while delivering efficient air cooling to optimize your device's thermal solution.


Boasting six high-performance 70mm ARGB fans, the KL-F500 provides direct air cooling for your gaming laptop or notebook. What's unique is the adjustable fan speeds, ranging from 1500 to 1900RPM, which can be customized using the integrated dial.



Say goodbye to the hassle of extra cables – the KL-F500 operates via USB power. Simply plug it into your laptop's USB port for powerful cooling without additional wires to an external source.

The Kolink KL-F500 stands out not only for its performance but also its captivating ARGB lighting. Illuminating both fans and cooler frame strips, this lighting adds a dynamic visual element to your setup.

Featuring height adjustability, the KL-F500 ensures a comfortable gaming or working position. Enjoy an enhanced ergonomic experience while optimizing your laptop's thermal performance.

Elevate your gaming experience with the Kolink KL-F500 ARGB Notebook Cooler. Combining luxury and performance, it's a cooling solution that adds style to your laptop while keeping it cool and powerful.



  • Designed for 17.3” gaming laptops and notebooks, providing stable stand functionality and efficient air cooling.
  • Six high-performance fans with adjustable speeds (1500-1900RPM) deliver direct air cooling for laptops.
  • Convenient USB connection eliminates extra cables or wires to an external power source.
  • Features ARGB lighting on fans and cooler frame strips for captivating visual effects.
  • Multiple height options enhance ergonomics and thermal performance.


Elevate your laptop's cooling performance with the Kolink KL-F500 ARGB Notebook Cooler. Enjoy powerful cooling and captivating lighting effects in one sophisticated package.

Kolink KL-F500 17.3" ARGB Laptop/Notebook Cooler Specifications: 


Model Number: F500

Radiator Type:  Air-cooled

Material: ABS, ABS+Metal

Product Size: 360*255*30mm

Type: Six Fans

Fan Size: 70*15mm ARGB fan + Sync LED strip

Fan and LED strip Lighting patternTen ARGB ambient lighting options

Lighting control : Press on three seconds to open LED, Press three seconds to close LED; press one time to change the colour .

Voltage: DC 5V notebook stand

Current:  0.08±10%A

Fan Speed:1500+-10%——1900+-10%

Fan controlTurn left , the speed of the fan will be lesser and eventually stop , Turn right , the speed of the fan will be faster

Seven level adjustment stand.

Weight: 830g±5%

Application Laptop Size:  15.6/17.3inch gaming laptop

Parts in packing boxF500 Notebook cooler: 1pcs USB cable : 1pcs , PE bag : 1pcs

Single package size: 380X259X34 cm

Package Type: one piece notebook stand into one giftbox.16pcs/ctn