Warranty and Guarantee Regulations

Warranty Conditions for the Voluntary Manufacturer's Warranty of Pro Gamersware GmbH

The manufacturer is Pro Gamersware GmbH with the following address:

Pro Gamersware GmbH

c/o Kolink

Gaußstraße 1

10589 Berlin


Email: info@kolink.eu

Phone: +49 30 837 97272



Pro Gamersware GmbH grants the following product-related warranties to private end customers (consumers) who have purchased the product as a first-time purchase from the manufacturer or a specialist dealer:

  • 2 years on cases, fans and computer accessories
  • 3 years on power supplies (PSUs)
  • 2 years on all-in-one water-cooling systems (AIOs)

The warranty covers the freedom from defects of the advertised product, including functionality, material or production defects. It is not transferable.

Warranty Period and Scope

The warranty period begins with the purchase of the products (invoice date). The extended warranty protection is granted on purchases made within the European Economic Area and Switzerland. Repair services or the replacement of the products within the warranty period do not lead to an extension or a new start of the warranty period.

Warranty Services

If a defect occurs during the warranty period, Pro Gamersware GmbH will provide one of the following services at its own discretion within the scope of this assumed extended warranty:

  • Free repair of the products
  • Free delivery of spare parts for self-repair
  • Free replacement of the products with an equivalent item

Repairs and/or replacement of the product under this warranty may be carried out using functionally equivalent, possibly refurbished parts/products. Repaired or replaced products may contain new and/or refurbished components and products.

All products or original parts that were replaced within the scope of the warranty service become the property of Pro Gamersware GmbH. The new parts or replacement parts become the property of the customer.

Alternatively, Pro Gamersware GmbH reserves the right to refund the purchase price upon return of the defective products or component or, in the case of discontinued products or components, to replace the defective products or component with one with similar functions and performance or to refund the residual value (purchase price divided by the warranty period in years multiplied by the full years of the remaining warranty period). Any software and manuals supplied are excluded from the warranty (this does not apply to products with digital elements, i.e. products that contain digital products in a way that the products cannot fulfill their functions without these digital products).

Claiming the Warranty

To claim the warranty, the customer must present the invoice or the receipt issued by the dealer or a corresponding confirmation of purchase. The serial number on the products, if available, must be intact and readable. If no proof of purchase is available or the serial number is no longer readable, the manufacturer may refuse warranty claims.

To check the warranty case, the products must be handed over to the manufacturer, whereby it must be ensured that damage to the products during transport is avoided by secure packaging. In the case of justified warranty claims, the customer will not incur any shipping costs, i.e. the guarantor will reimburse any shipping costs for the return shipment.

Contact in Case of Warranty

In case of warranty, buyers please contact the guarantor:

Pro Gamersware GmbH

Gaußstraße 1

10589 Berlin


Email: info@kolink.eu

Phone: +49 30 837 97272


Warranty services can also be performed by authorized dealers and service partners in other countries, whereby the warranty conditions applicable in the respective country apply.


Warranty Exclusions

Warranty claims cannot be asserted in the case of:

  • Regular inspections, maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear;
  • Transport and travel costs as well as costs incurred for the assembly and disassembly, installation and removal of the products;
  • Consequential damages, consequential damages and lost profits;
  • Misuse and improper, improper use of the products as well as incorrect installation;
  • Failure to observe safety precautions;
  • Damage caused by lightning, water, fire, force majeure, war, incorrect mains voltage, insufficient ventilation or other reasons for which Pro Gamersware GmbH is not responsible;
  • Repair attempts by the customer himself or by third parties and the resulting costs and damages;
  • Costs and damages due to modifications to products to adapt them to the technical standards of the country in which they are to be operated.

Pro Gamersware GmbH as well as its authorized dealers and service partners are not liable for the indirect or consequential loss of audio and video media or other similar material or accessories.

Reference to Legal Warranty Rights

This manufacturer's warranty does not restrict the rights of the buyer against Pro Gamersware GmbH under the applicable national laws and the concluded purchase contract. Any existing statutory warranty rights of the buyer therefore remain unaffected by this warranty promise. The manufacturer's warranty therefore does not violate the buyer's legal rights, but rather strengthens his legal position.

If the purchased item is defective, the buyer can always contact Pro Gamersware GmbH within the scope of the legal warranty, regardless of whether a warranty case exists or the warranty is claimed.

General Information

The above warranty conditions are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Mandatory statutory provisions (regulations) at the place of purchase (first purchase by end consumers) remain unaffected by these warranty conditions. Further claims for warranty services beyond those mentioned above do not exist.

These warranty conditions apply to the above-mentioned products from April 1, 2024.