Premium Power Cable (SchuKo to C19)

Premium Power Cable (SchuKo to C19)

Kolink Premium power cable with 1.50 mm2 conductor cross-section and 1.8 m length for connecting any device with a suitable plug to the normal power supply. For this purpose, the cable has a Schuko plug for the socket and at the other end via the IEC-C19 connector, which is needed for example for some particularly powerful PC power supplies. This plug differs from the C13 plug, which is also known as a cold device plug, due to its higher load capacity and is not compatible with this. The maximum permissible current is 16 amperes.

Mûszaki adatok:

Szín: fekete

Hosszúság: 1,8 m

A csatlakozó: CEE7 / 7 dugó (SchuKo dugó)

B csatlakozó: IEC-C19

Keresztmetszet: 3x 1,50 mm2

Maximális teherbírás: 250 V / 16 A


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